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Vegetable burger is darker brown. Its bitter taste and i could not feel the vegetables inside the plater. Its waste.In my previous order vegetable burger is excellent. But this time its failed.

Suresh, 11 Jan 2021

The food is delicious

Hanan, 06 Jan 2021

The food was really good and arrived before the arriving time.

Halima, 04 Jan 2021

Denise, 01 Jan 2021

Very good

Steph, 01 Jan 2021


Mark, 31 Dec 2020

amazing. love the food from here.

Chloe, 28 Dec 2020

Item was missing from my order - I rang up, someone answered apologised and said they would send out the missing item. Hour later it didn’t arrive so I rang again, someone else answered and said he sent me 2 kebabs out because he had seen to it himself which he didn’t one was missing, then had the audacity on the phone to call me a liar and basically ripped me off for £7 and disrespected me then finally offered to send out the food after me already speaking to him and him saying that he would send me what was missing but then I rang back after waiting an hour then I had to deal with that, if he treats all his customers like that then I have no idea how he hasn’t been a victim of criminal damage to his restaurant... I ordered a few days ago and ordered a chicken kebab with No salad, it came with onions peppers and 1 mushroom, so I rang and said I ordered no salad, someone on the phone said yeah there’s no salad but they all come with onions, peppers and mushrooms so you should have said - even though it says no where on the menu that all kebabs come with this, it’s also a good job that I didn’t want mushrooms because one mushroom was quite laughable to be honest! So I’m pretty sure whoever was so rude on the phone purposely didn’t send my item because he had to replace one the other day for me, which is a bit of a cunt move tbh. So yeah a rude liar and your food will arrive late and will probably rip you off anyway so do yourself a favour and order from anywhere but here absolutely terrible all round...minus 5 stars ? customer service is absolutely disgusting and so unprofessional.

Courtney, 27 Dec 2020

hi its was good

Kishwar, 26 Dec 2020


Kishwar, 26 Dec 2020

Contact me by the number above. Forgot the 1.5L bottle drink. Won’t answer phone.

Sean, 23 Dec 2020

If having a king kebab this is always our first choice, love it! Keep up the great job

Michelle, 20 Dec 2020

the food is good

Hanan, 20 Dec 2020

In fried chicken too much salty

Suresh, 19 Dec 2020

Very quick service delivered in 10 minutes and really nice food aswell.

Andrew, 16 Dec 2020

Superb like always

Andrew, 12 Dec 2020

Delivery driver was rude no conversation, I thought he was mute. Gives the business a bad name

Reece, 11 Dec 2020

Very nice food thank you.

Andrew, 09 Dec 2020

Very nice & alway speedy delivery

Claire, 08 Dec 2020


Graham, 29 Nov 2020

Food is good

Hanan, 28 Nov 2020

Very good as always but missed the pickle chilli I order and the can of coke

David, 28 Nov 2020

Very nice food and delivered quickly.

Andrew, 26 Nov 2020

The best Thanks All of you guys at BURSLEY

Kay, 24 Nov 2020


Grant, 21 Nov 2020

Big kebab

Grant, 21 Nov 2020