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Zahra, 12 Jun 2021

Stay away nasty food

T Ali, 12 Jun 2021

I have ordered hot peri chicken but it was mild not any sauce on it .. taste was not good.

Isha, 09 Jun 2021


Terrible service. I caught the driver have delivered it to wrong address in the same street and as he drove off past me, I am waiting for the refund, and not recommend this takeaway.

Jake, 06 Jun 2021

Food tastes great, however not recommended. Ordered chicken and donner kebab and a side of large cheesy chips. Kebab came with no Donner meat on and couldn't tell that the chips had any cheese on and the tray was half empty. Also took over an hour.

Liam, 05 Jun 2021

Good food

Adrian, 04 Jun 2021

Their food tastes really nice

Yasir, 30 May 2021


Bilal, 30 May 2021


Bilal, 30 May 2021


Bilal, 30 May 2021


Bilal, 30 May 2021

food is delicious

Hanan, 29 May 2021

Can you call before knocking has dogs barking will wake neighbours please x

Chantal, 29 May 2021


Didn’t bother phoning to let me know that my order wouldn’t be delivered to leek. Just put my order as delivered. Useless.

Tom, 28 May 2021

regular customer but its probably the last time i’m ordering from here now. Sick of having to call again and again and complain about the RE-FRIED chips. Why would you give paying customers RE-FRIED food? why not just fry fresh chips? its not on.

Kaia, 27 May 2021


Mark, 27 May 2021

As stated before, the donner meat is most probably the best I've had in SOT!

John, 26 May 2021

50 minutes & still waiting for a pizza

Sue, 21 May 2021

Great help when couldn't use the app

Wendy, 17 May 2021

Very helpful when I went on rong website

Wendy, 17 May 2021

Very helpful and polite

Wendy, 17 May 2021

Number corrected

Tim, 16 May 2021

The food was barely warm when it arrived.

Jan, 15 May 2021


Mark, 12 May 2021


Ordered a cheeseburger and chips and they didnt give me the cheeseburger only the chips even though they charged me for it

Nicole, 12 May 2021


Pizza was warm but a ok

Paul, 12 May 2021